‘Men In Black 3D’ Gets Another Writer


ALT TEXTSo, Men In Black 3D starts shooting in New York tomorrow. That means everything must be ready to go, right? You know, like actors lined up, director in charge, script in place. Wait. What’s that, you say? The script isn’t finished yet? But the movie is starting tomorrow! How could the script not be finished yet? Well, turns out, Hollywood is weird.

Just kidding, this is probably a pretty common occurrence, but it still seems a little odd to me. Here’s what’s actually going on. The big wigs at Columbia Pictures aren’t completely satisfied with MIIIB’s script (written by Etan Cohen and revised by David Koepp), so they’ve hired Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me If You Can) to polish things up a bit — specifically, the time travel portion of the script.

So the studio is starting production tomorrow, but only on part of the script. Here’s the plan. They’re shooting the present day part through the week of Christmas, then production will halt for two months as Nathanson finishes up the time-travel portion. Then in February, production picks up again to film the time travel parts.

For those unaware, the film reunites Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Josh Brolin is also starring, playing a younger version of Jones’ character. And rumors are that famous figures such as Yoko Ono, Jimi Hendrix, Fidel Castro, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Andy Warhol will make cameos. But, since the time travel portion is being re-written, who knows if those rumors are even remotely close to being true anymore.

Source: The Playlist