Mick Jagger and ‘The Help’ Director Feel Good About a James Brown Biopic

James Brown

There is good reason to be apprehensive when announcement is made that a deceased cultural icon will receive his or her place at the center of a developing biographical movie. In fairness, there have been numerous successful stabs at reviving the spirit of beloved artists — with recent examples including I’m Not There and Walk the Line. However, it is easy to overlook these in light of the less favorable portraits, such as the 1991 Jim Morrison tribute, The Doors. But when a project attracts the right names, it breeds encouragement. Mega producer Brian Grazer has long fostered a fascination with translating the life of Godfather of Soul James Brown to film; Deadline reports that Grazer has newly attracted two powerful forces to join him in this endeavor: one Mick Jagger (as a co-producer), and director Tate Taylor, who helmed 2011’s hit The Help. A dominating trifecta.

Grazer has been an established superpower in cinematic production for over 30 years, kicking his career off with classic comedies like Splash and Spies Like Us, and advancing eventually to span the industry, nabbing Oscar winners (A Beautiful Mind), popular television series (24), and cult phenomena (Arrested Development, developing movie included) alike. On the musical side of the spectrum, we have Jagger, himself as big an icon as the late Brown — surely someone with an acute understanding of the business’ ups and downs, who might provide a unique insight into the craft of such a movie.

And finally, Tate Taylor: a budding writer/director who proved himself capable of comedy and drama with the crowd-pleasing The Help, and looks to kick off a lengthy career behind the camera. In addition to this, Deadline reports Brown’s family have endorsed the parties on board, and will be contributing to the creation of the biopic in some form. Now, all they need is a star… thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Sam Wilson/WENN]


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