Miles Teller Fights PTSD In ‘Thank You For Your Service’ Trailer


Serving in the Armed Forces is one of those jobs that unless you serve, you can’t possibly understand.

For some of those that thankfully return, civilian life has completely changed.

Universal’s newest film ‘Thank You For Your Service’ will try to show that. Based on writer’s David Finkel’s nonfiction book of the same name, Three soldiers return home to try to adjust to civilian life while struggling to forget the war. Adam Schumann (Miles Teller) returns to his wife (Haley Bennett) and kids as a broken man, Solo (Beulah Koale) returns and feels that the military has made his life better, and a final soldier (Joe Cole) who has returned to find his fiancee and daughter have left him.


‘Thank You For Your Service’ releases October 27, 2017.