Miles Teller In The Ultimate Comeback Story ‘Bleed For This’ Trailer


‘Bleed For This’ is the true story of Vinny Pazienza (AKA Vinny Paz) (Miles Teller), who in 1991 was at the top of boxing. Paz had won the USBA Championship and with a win against Gilbert Dele, he became the second fighter in boxing history to win both the lightweight and junior middleweight world championships. He was the underdog in both fights.

That’s when tragedy struck. Paz was in a car accident that broke his neck. Doctors weren’t sure if he was going to ever walk again, much less fight. They put Vinny in a Halo, and Vinny trained, disobeying doctors orders, and made it back to the sport he loves.


Bleed for This releases November 4, 2016.