Milo Ventimiglia Was In ‘She’s All That’ & You Totally Missed It


We’ve been in love Milo Ventimiglia since he stole Rory’s heart on Gilmore Girls and with his new role as Jack Pearson on This Is Us, he’s resurfaced to hold a special spot in our hearts. Still, Despite his roles on GG and even on the original Heroes, you probably didn’t know that Ventimiglia had a small role in the ’90s teen flick, She’s All That.

Yes, that’s right, he appeared alongside Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook as one of the freshman soccer players that Prinze Jr.’s character Zack ropes into helping him win over Cook’s character Laney. Back then, Ventimiglia didn’t have Jack’s iconic mustache, but you’ll definitely be able to spot his smolder. 

Now we just have to cross our fingers for more episodes of Gilmore Girls so that we can see Ventimiglia reprise his role as Jess once again. (Though we don’t know how likely this is going to be considering the fact that This is Us was recently renewed for a second and third season.)

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