This Mind Blowing Fan Theory Explains Why There Are No Dogs or Cats in ‘Zootopia’

Walt Disney Studios

Disney’s Zootopia has already become one of the most popular films of the year, scoring an astounding 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The film has been praised for the way it blended a realistic depiction of an animal world with poignant and relevant social commentary. However eagle-eyed fans have noticed that both dogs (man’s best friend) and cats (man’s grumpy uncle) are missing from the movie. Reddit may have an answer for that.

Reddit user thundersaurus_sex believes that dogs, cats, and most other domesticated animals were wiped out when animals overthrew humanity. That’s right, Zootopia is basically a sequel to Animal Farm. Thundersaurus_sex even calls this event the “Great Purge”:

So in this movie’s backstory, mammals overthrew humanity in the Great Purge, a bloody revolution in response to the sixth great extinction. This isn’t explicitly shown, but if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I mean, the signs are obvious.

However, it’s not just humanity that’s…absent. There aren’t any cats, dogs, or other very domesticated animals in the world either. I think it’s because they refused to betray us and were wiped out fighting by our side.

However, there is a flaw in thundersaurus_sex’s theory: there’s a corgi present in the British version of the film. Could it be possible that corgis are the breed of dog least loyal to mankind? Yes, probably.

An alternate theory, however, argues that mankind never became the dominate species at all. This would mean that humans never domesticated cats and dogs, which would explain their absence in the film. But personally, we prefer the theory with the violent uprising.