5 Mistakes That Should Be Avoided For “Sex and The City 3”

Lately Sarah Jessica Parker has been toying with Sex and The City fans’ heart strings by hinting at a third movie installment of the series.

You maybe groaning at the idea due to the disappointment of the second one, or if you are a die-hard fan you could be jumping for joy. I personally fall into the latter, but I am realistic. The last movie made some huge mistakes, but to help the creators we have a list of mistakes that need to be avoided if they want the 3rd movie to be a huge success!

1. Don’t have the movie take place anywhere other than New York City.


The city is practically the fifth main character of the whole series. The second movie felt so off because that character was taken away. We need cabs, we need the fashion, and we need crazy run-ins with other New Yorkers.

2. Don’t throw in superficial drama that isn’t relatable or funny.


The first movie was fantastic because the problems were real. Women can relate to being with a man who has commitment issues. Women can relate to finding out their husband cheated on them. Women can relate to being in a seemingly perfect relationship, but still not being happy. The fluff in the second movie where Charlotte and Miranda were talking about how hard it is to raise children with nannies during the recession was not relatable.

3. Don’t erase all the growth and progress these characters have made


Another blunder made in the last movie was that while everyone has seemed to keep moving through life and growing, Carrie on the hand slid back into her old ways. The writers decided to stir up trouble in Carrie and Big’s happy life by putting Aidan into the mix. Carrie was terrible to him by cheating and they decided having her cheat with him would somehow be compelling. It’s not and it just made Carrie seem like she will never change.

4. Don’t let the glam outweigh the substance


The brand certainly involves the more glamorous life in the city since it started before the recession, but it still had heart. Many women were able to connect to one or two of the main characters and their struggles with love. The last installment had all of flash however without any of the heart.

5. Don’t overlook minor characters for plot inspiration


In the television series, the relationships that the girls had weren’t the only focus in the show. Carrie was often inspired by minor characters’ love lives for her articles. Instead of forcing drama between the four girls and their significant others, perhaps we can turn our attention to Anthony and Standford. Aren’t they supposed to be having an open marriage? Perhaps Carrie should try and tackle if that kind of thing works.

Of course even if they followed all these rules it doesn’t mean the next movie will be destined to be a success, but it will be a vast improvement! These characters are so dear to so many that it’s hard to give up on them.

But what do you think? Do you think there are any other mistakes that should be avoided for the next movie? Follow us on Twitter and tweet us your thoughts!