16 of the Cutest Movie Kids – Where Are They Now?

Cute kids make every movie better. They make horror movies less scary (or scarier), they make movies with divorce or single parents less awkward, and they just say the silliest things in movies to make us laugh. But what happens after all of the cuteness? See what some of the cutest movie children look like now!

Jonathan Lipnicki - Jerry Maguire
Jonathan Lipnicki, Jerry MaGuire
TriStar Pictures via Everett/Instagram
Jonathan Lipnicki basically stole the spotlight from Tom Cruise as the adorable Ray Boyd in Jerry Maguire. "Did you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds?!" He continued the "cute kid" schtick for a while, working on both Stuart Little movies, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, Dawson's Creek, and The Little Vampire. Gone are his cute kids days though. Now Jonathan is 25-years-old and he's kinda hot! He's continued acting over the years, but mainly in short films like Awkward Party and Someone I Know. In 2016 he'll be in the film Pitching Tents with Booboo Stewart.
Ross Malinger - Sleepless in Seattle
Ross Malinger, Sleepless in Seattle
TriStar Pictures/Twitter
Ross Malinger got a lot of work as a cute kid in the '90s, first as Tom Hanks son in Sleepless in Seattle, Sudden Death, Bye Bye Love, and Toothless with Kirstie Alley. From 1997-1999 he voiced the main character, T.J. Detweiler, on the cartoon Recess. He hasn't acted since a 2006 episode of Without a Trace. Since 2008, he's apparently worked as a general manager for Automotive Legends in Malibu, CA.
Bradley Pierce - Jumanji
Bradley Pierce, Jumanji
Columbia Pictures/IMDB/Nika Schneyder Photography
Bradley Pierce was adorable as Peter in Jumanji, especially when he had the monkey tail. He kept up the cuteness with movies like The Borrowers. Pierce is still acting to this day, doing mainly voice work. He's worked on video games, like Kingdom of Hearts and for The Lego Movie. In 2015 he was in the short films Blind and In Good Faith.
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Justin Cooper - Liar Liar
Justin Cooper, Liar Liar
Universal Pictures/Twitter
Justin Cooper was the adorable little boy who wished his father couldn't lie anymore in Liar Liar and we were obsessed with him back in the day. He hasn't acted since 2003 and has stayed out of the spotlight since then. For the most part, there are almost 0 photos of him on the internet. Nowadays, he works as an executive producer on The Ben Maller Show on Fox Sports Radio.
Alexandrea Owens-Sarno - Titanic
Alexandrea Owens-Sarno, Titanic
20th Century Fox/IMDB/Green Feather Photography
Remember the little girl who danced with Leonardo DiCpario in Titanic? Apparently she was as enamored with him as we all were. Recently, she said how between takes Leo would give her pb&j sandwiches and how sweet he was to her. Now 26-years-old, she's all grown up and still acting, though not in anything we would have seen publicly.
Kaitlyn & Kristen Hooper - Addams Family Values
Kaitlyn Hooper, Kristen Hooper, Addams Family Values
Paramount Pictures via Everett Collection/Facebook
Pubert Addams was a GIRL?! Actually, he was two girls. Twin babies Kaitlyn and Kristen Hooper both played this mustached little baby in Addams Family Values. The only other acting credit these twins have is from a 1998 episode of Home Improvement, "Say Goodnight, Gracie" when they played Tim Allen's twin nieces.
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Danny Lloyd - The Shining
Danny Lloyd, The Shining
Warner Bros/YouTube
Danny Lloyd was such a cute, innocent kid, he apparently had no idea that he was in a horror movie while filming The Shining. He quit acting after playing Young Liddy in the 1982 made-for-TV movie, Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy. Since his retirement, he's become a biology professor at a community college in Kentucky.
Ross Bagley - Independence Day
Ross Bagley, Independence Day
20th Century Fox/Twitter
Ross Bagley really made some money as a super cutie in the early '90s, as Nicky on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Buckwheat in The Little Rascals, and then Will Smith's girlfriend's son in Independence Day. Ross had a pretty big gap in his acting career between 2004-2013, but now he's back on the scene. He attended California State University at Northridge, where he pursued a degree in film studies. He recently finished production on two films, Dead Ringer and Gilded Cage.
Blake McIver Ewing - The Little Rascals
Blake McIver Ewing, The Little Rascals
Universal Pictures/Instagram
The 1994 film version of The Little Rascals featured a whole slew of cute kids, but we've always had a bit of a soft spot for Waldo, even if he tried to steal Darla from Alfalfa! The cast recently reunited for the film's 20th anniversary and we're happy to confirm that Blake seems to be doing well. Nowadays, he's a host on The People's Couch on Bravo and working on his music career. He recently released the single "This Is Who We Are".
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Tessa Allen - Enough
Tessa Allen, Enough
Tessa Allen played Jennifer Lopez's adorable daughter in Enough and we adored her back then. Shortly after working with J.Lo, she worked on the shows Providence and General Hospital, again as the cute little kid. Over the years she's shot many commercials, worked on a student film for UCLA, and now she's being a normal 19-year-old and attending college and runs for the track team.
Mae Whitman - One Fine Day
Mae Whitman, One Fine Day
20th Century Fox via Everett Collection/Splash News
Mae Whitman was the little sour-faced cutie in One Fine Day and also played the President's daughter in Independence Day. These days she's just a successful TV star. After her time as Amber Holt on Parenthood, she's begun starring in her own films, like the successful rom-com The Duff in 2015. She also does voice work, as Kimmi on Family Guy and April on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series. In 2016, she has several films coming out: Rock Dog, Operator, and A Dog and Pony Show.
Miko Hughes - Kindergarten Cop
Miko Hughes, Kindergarten Cop
Universal Pictures/Splash News
Miko Hughes literally made a living being so damn cute, you'd want to pinch his cheeks daily! He was the ill-fated Gage in Pet Semetary, Jeffery in Apollo 13, Joseph in Kindergarten Cop ("It's not a tumor!"), and then Michelle Tanner's friend on Full House. He's almost 30 now, but still pretty cute! He's not acting quite as much these days, but is perfect to follow if you enjoy horror themed #TBTs.
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Oliwia Dabrowska - Schindler's List
Oliwia Dabrowska, Schindler's List
Universal Pictures/Piotr Malecki
Oliwia Dabrowska is one of the most memorable characters from Schlinder's List (for obvious reasons), but apparently it came at a cost. She has said that being "the girl in the red coat" left her feeling ashamed and traumatized. For a long time, she said she was horrified and embarrassed by being a part of the film and angry with her parents when they told people about it. Now she is honored to have played the role, but hasn't acted since the early '90s. Most recently, she was working on her library science degree and hopes to go into publishing.
Danielle Harris - Halloween 4
Danielle Harris, Halloween 4
Galaxy International/IMDB
Every scary movie needs it's cute kid and Danielle Harris was that cutie pie in Halloween 4. Danielle decided to keep up the Halloween/horror lifestyle, appearing in Rob Zombie's take on the Halloween franchise as Annie Brackett. As her Twitter handle states, she is Halloweengal, appearing in horror films like: Hatchet, Fatal Call, Camp Dread, Hallows' Eve, and more. In 2016 we can look forward to seeing her in Havenhurst.
Grant Holmquist - The Hangover
Grant Holmquist, The Hangover
Warner Bros. via Everett Collection/Splash News
While most of the kids on this list were children many years ago and have all grown up, we can't forget baby Carlos from The Hangover. I mean, how cute was this kid?! We were all a little heartbroken when we found out his name was Spencer, not Carlos, because he really looked like a Carlos. Grant Holmquist is still a little kid, but as you may remember, he reprised his role of Spencer in the final Hangover film in 2013. And he's still adorable!
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Toby Froud - Labyrinth
Toby Froud, Labyrinth
TriStar Pictures via Everett Collection/IMDB/Stripey Pajama Productions
Who doesn't remember the adorable, chubby-faced Toby from Labyrinth? Toby got the job thanks to his costume designer father Brian Froud and it seems that he decided to follow in his father's foot steps now as an adult. Toby has worked as a designer on films like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and ParaNorman. He is the creature designer on 2016 Christopher Lloyd film I Am Not A Serial Killer.