10 Movie Remakes That Never Should Have Happened

Movies are wonderful, magical and capable of completely transporting you to another place and time. When a movie is sooo good you can’t remember how many times you’ve seen it, the news of a remake can literally make you cringe. It’s rare when a remake is close to being as good as the original, but most of the time, trying to recapture the magic of a story with a new cast and altered storyline is just a big crash and burn. Check out these ten titles that never should have gotten a modern day reboot!

Keanu Reeves exposed a ring of rag tag surfers turned bank robber bandits in the original Point Break, and it quickly became an iconic movie in pop-culture, so when the remake was announced, fans were super skeptical. Altering the storyline so the ring of robbers were extreme athletes flopped big time, and made a lot of eyes roll in Hollywood.
Doing a remake of Ghostbusters with an all female cast of ghost fighters was a cool idea in theory but the remake was not received well by long time fans who couldn't embrace the feminist twist on the classic '80s flick.
The Karate Kid is an amazing movie that truly champions the underdog. However, no matter how cool Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan are, it was impossible for them to recreate the magical bond we witnessed between the iconic pair of Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi.
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A cruise ship capsizes and survivors must find a way to get from the hull to the surface without dying. In the 1970' The Poseidon Adventure had fans on the edge of their seats in suspense, but the 2006 remake didn't resonate with movie goers, who were looking for more out of a movie than being trapped on a foundering boat.
Johnny Depp is a Tinseltown staple who can literally play any role and impress. However when he signed up for the Tim Burton remake of the kinda creepy Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, it quickly became clear (once it hit the silver screen), that fans of the movie classic weren't impressed by the messy remake, full of garish colors, overdone sets, and Johnny's borderline insane personality.
Another remake flop by Tim Burton, re-telling the story of humans living in an ape ruled society wasn't executed in a way to make fans jump out their seat with excitement. No matter how many cool, kooky, and exciting effects were added in, it was a big fat fail at the box office.
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There's no around it, you cannot remake Alfred Hitchcock and be successful. Vince Vaughn was unable to recreate the same nail-biting neuroses of Anthony Perkins’ original Norman Bates, with essentially a shot-for-shot remake, bringing nothing new to the table but was successful in killing the charm and intrigue of the original.
This remake of the 1982 scary supernatural thriller was unnecessary, unneeded and offered nothing but tired ideas, and pulling in numbers so low, Poltergeist was long forgotten only a few months after its release.
While Fantastic Four promised to be an awesome action fantasy flick, full of cool effects, a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes is pretty much all you need to know that this re-make, complete with a lazy, poorly written script and forgettable cast was movie garbage.
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The TV series was right in casting a first nations person in the role of Tonto, but the movie remake handed the role to white man Johnny Depp. In addition to that, a poorly written script, awkward interactions between him and the Lone Ranger, plus a random bird on his head through out the film made this remake a hot mess we wish we could forget ever happened.