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Movie Theaters Are About to Get Swankier

AMC Dine-In TheatresAMC

With the recent announcement that AMC Entertainment will go public came a Quartz article predicting where the huge theater chain is heading–the restaurant business. In an age when movies are available at your fingertips, it seems that theaters are trying to provide comforts that cannot be downloaded. 

Bars, all quaintly called MacGuffins, can be found in 44 AMC theaters. A select few theaters currently feature casual tray dining, and some offer Cinema Suites, a more luxurious option with reclining seats and service at the push of a button. Food offered at these theaters include seafood, paninis, and waffle sundaes, and it looks like these amenities will soon be coming to more theaters.

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From magazines to vinyl records, it seems that the only way to survive in a digital world is to offer a stylish, elite product. AMC is taking advantage of the fact that fewer people are attending movies by making movies seem like an exclusive, lavish event. Though it’s a wise business move, it marks the end of an era in which going to the movies was the thing everyone had in common.

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