25 Movies That Audiences Loved But Critics Hated

Bad Boys II
AUDIENCE SCORE: 78%. CRITIC SCORE: 23%. Critics weren't exactly kind to the first Lawrence/Smith outing, so no one really expected them to love the reunion.
Super Troopers
AUDIENCE SCORE: 90%. CRITIC SCORE: 35%. The first and most popular of Broken Lizard's irreverent comedies maintains a cult fervor, but never quite won over the critical population.
Raise Your Voice
AUDIENCE SCORE: 71%. CRITIC SCORE: 15%. Hillary Duff at a school for privileged yet unappreciated musical talents? Not exactly Oscar bait.
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National Lampoon's Van Wilder
AUDIENCE SCORE: 74%. CRITIC SCORE: 18%. You knew right when you hit the scene featuring eclairs filled with dog semen that this wasn't going to be a critical favorite.
Stomp the Yard
AUDIENCE SCORE: 82%. CRITIC SCORE: 26%. The first of the urban dance flicks to grace this list, and (believe it or not) the one to score better in reviews.
The Covenant
AUDIENCE SCORE: 62%. CRITIC SCORE: 3%. Just one of Renny Harlin's many critically reviled horror flicks.
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A Night At the Roxbury
AUDIENCE SCORE: 70%. CRITIC SCORE: 11%. Frequently quoted, critically lambasted.
Madea's Family Reunion
AUDIENCE SCORE: 84%. CRITIC SCORE: 25%. Tyler Perry holds the distinction of having two films on this list. 'Family Reunion' did far better with critics than the one yet to come.
Because I Said So
AUDIENCE SCORE: 65%. CRITIC SCORE: 5%. Balance out Diane Keaton with Mandy Moore and you've got this polarizing rom-com.
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Empire Records
AUDIENCE SCORE: 84%. CRITIC SCORE: 24%. A favorite among Gen Xers, but without enough bite or sincerity to earn it critical acclaim.
Step Up
AUDIENCE SCORE: 83%. CRITIC SCORE: 19%. Bad reviews didn't stop this dance flick to spawn a legion of sequels.
Grandma's Boy
AUDIENCE SCORE: 86%. CRITIC SCORE: 18%. Allen Covert's only starring vehicle might have been popular in your college dorm hall, but it was far from appreciated in the critical world.
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AUDIENCE SCORE: 79%. CRITIC SCORE: 8%. A skateboarding comedy that apparently struck a cord with viewers... but viewers alone.
Last Ounce of Courage
AUDIENCE SCORE: 70%. CRITIC SCORE: 0%. Our first critical zero! The overzealously jingoistic war film scored well with patriots, but critics found it repugnant.
Rise of the Footsoldier
AUDIENCE SCORE: 84%. CRITIC SCORE: 14%. Just like Carlton Leach himself, this biopic is mighty polarizing.
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Diary of a Mad Black Woman
AUDIENCE SCORE: 87%. CRITIC SCORE: 16%. Tyler Perry No. 2! The first Madea film didn't quite set the bar high for those to come.
The Boondock Saints
AUDIENCE SCORE: 91%. CRITIC SCORE: 20%. Remember how badass you and your pals thought this movie was back in the day? Well, critics didn't agree.
AUDIENCE SCORE: 91%. CRITIC SCORE: 19%. A "crime does pay" film that may have reminded viewers of 'Scarface,' but paled in comparison as far as the reviews were concerned.
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Facing the Giants
AUDIENCE SCORE: 86%. CRITIC SCORE: 13%. Underdog football movies are an easy sell with many viewers, hence the popularity of this clunker.
AUDIENCE SCORE: 79%. CRITIC SCORE: 4%. Like 'Amadeus' about the painting world, but without any of the artistry.
AUDIENCE SCORE: 89%. CRITIC SCORE: 13%. Nas and DMX do not a good movie make. A popular one? Sure. Maybe.
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Out Cold
AUDIENCE SCORE: 85%. CRITIC SCORE: 8%. This quirky Alaskan-set comedy was good for an occasional quote, but not for anything above a one-and-a-half star review.
Only the Strong
AUDIENCE SCORE: 78%. CRITIC SCORE: 0%. Crime! War! Fighting! Soldiers! Everything that viewers love and critics hate.
AUDIENCE SCORE: 92%. CRITIC SCORE: 13%. Not the 2012 Whitney Houston remake, but the far more (publicly) adored and (critically) detested 1976 original.
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Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer
AUDIENCE SCORE: 80%. CRITIC SCORE: 0%. Finally, our biggest distinction: a children's film that earned 80% approval among viewers and 0% among critics. Rainbow Brite is quite confusing.