10 Movies Frat Boys Like

CaddyshackWarner Bros/Everett Collection

Get a group of bros together with little in common and you won’t have to wait long before one of them fills up his Solo cup with a White Russian and proclaims that Jeff Bridges is totes The Dude. If you want to be versed in broheim, take a romp through their DVD collections.


A favorite amongst the ribbon-belt-clad liberal arts boys. There’s something about Bill Murray and a gopher that really gets them hot in their critter shorts.


Care to blow a bro’s mind? Tell him there’s a 1932 version. Different plot but still pretty gangsta.

The Godfather: Part II

For a little conversational foreplay, tease him by asserting you actually liked the first Godfather better than the second. 

Fight Club

“The number one rule of fight club…” is to memorize this line and pretend you get this movie.

Animal House

Let’s shotgun a PBR and chant “College!” Killing it, bros.

Old School

OMG! Epic KY-jelly wrestling match, man. Epic.

Pulp Fiction

The film that taught all co-eds not to put just any white powder up their noses.

Reservoir Dogs

Toss em’ a skinny tie and watch them argue over who gets to be called Mr. Pink.

The Usual Suspects

Spoil the twist ending and he’ll spill skunked beer in your Sperrys.

The Boondock Saints

The revenge anthem for any social chair who’s ever owned a Red Sox cap.

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