Movies From The ’80s That Should Be Passed From Generation To Generation

As we continue to move further and further away from the decade that began to truly shape the age in which we live today, it’s important to take a look back at movies that made a major impact on young and curious minds. While Hollywood continues to turn out silver screen gems these flicks should forever remain must-watch staples for generations to come.

While we often think that aliens would be scary, violent creatures,E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial showed a softer side to out-of-this-world creatures that are capable of adapting and befriending those who are different from themselves. A valuable lesson to teach generations about acceptance and love.
The Goonies is probably the greatest action adventure movie for a youth-oriented audience. A motley crew of friends being chased by criminals while hunting for buried treasure?! There's no better movie to share with generations to come.
Crushing in a time before the Internet was mysterious, fun,and always kept you on your toes. Sixteen Candles is the handbook on how to crush without the luxury of hiding behind a screen or defaulting to dating apps.
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Wrapping your head around the concept of death can be difficult.Stand By Me addresses the curiosity surrounding the cross to the other side through youthful hearts and minds.
Before Twilight there was The Lost Boys...a cooler, edgier and spine tingling look into the lives of vampires living among mortals.
Like Baby, no one should ever put Dirty Dancing in the corner. The fancy footwork, characters, and personal growth shown in every character exemplifies what belief in yourself and others can do.
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The best thing about Back to the Future is the innovative filming and special effects of the times, which seamlessly carry over to today, for a fun and fantastic peek into the past.
Fast Times At Ridgemont High follows the lives of suburban high school kids in the '80s. The film is the perfect example to show future generations what life was like for teens before the age of the Internet, cell phones, and social media.
It's hard to find movies like this, a magically humorous,storybook tale coming out of modern day Hollywood.The Princess Bride  is a must share for future generations to see how to do a campy fairytale flick right.
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The Karate Kid is a coming of age flick, centered around a scrappy kid from the wrong side of the tracks, is a staple flick to view as an example of what persistence, passion, and a desire to be a better person can do to change a life.
It's hard to find a scary movie these days that actually gives you nightmares. Pulling Poltergeist out of the archives won't just prove to future generations that terrifying movies used to exist, but will make you wary of having a TV in your house again.