11 Things Movies Get RIGHT About College

Movies tend to lie about how things really go down in life. But when it comes to college, they actually get things right. College is like a weird twilight zone and social experiment that makes many people act the same to survive. Here are 11 things they didn’t lie about when it comes to college.

1. Most people lie in their essay to get in.

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2. There is a certain panic you have when you start off as undeclared.

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3. There will always be that one professor that influenced you so much, you quote them years later.

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4. People’s picture on their school ID is just as bad as their driver’s license, if not worse

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5. It’s a place where you make friends…and enemies. Sometimes they intersect.

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6. There are those sororities that think they’re the best and use secretive hand gestures. What do they mean?!

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7. But then there are some that are much more normal and only focus on community service.

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8. Living in the neighborhood with actual townies that like to complain is the worst.

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9. Every organization takes itself super seriously at the college level. It’s not just sports.

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10. Women aren’t the only ones who have hungover walk of shames.

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11. Graduating is one of scariest/best things that will happen for you.

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