16 Frighteningly Haunting Movies Now Streaming On Netflix

The most horrifying day of the year is right around the corner, and what better way is there to celebrate than by watching some of the most terrifying movies now streaming on Netflix? Whether you’re down to be scared half to death, or if you prefer a more tame holiday; here are 16 Halloween films now on Netflix. Grab a friend, blanket, and some cocoa and get ready to get your fright on.

Stephen King's Children of the Corn
Creepy kids are definitely a running theme in horror films, and Stephen King's Children of the Corn is no exception. This horrifying film is the story of a town of kids who murder adults, and the unfortunate couple whose car just happens to break down in their town. If this isn't demonic enough for you, Netflix also has all seven of the film's sequels available to stream. (Though they're all pretty awful.) If nothing else, Children of the Corn should be a reminder to make sure you have AAA's number memorized.
Despite the now primitive looking 1980's visual effects, Hellraiser is still a rather accurate depiction of what hell probably looks like. The film is the story of Frank, a "sexual deviant" who opens a mysterious box unleashing demons called Cenobites. They Cenobites promptly destroy Frank until years later when he is inadvertently raised from the dead by his brother and sister-in-law.  In order to complete his resurrection, Frank entices his sister-in-law, Julia to lure men back to his home so that he can take their blood. Netflix has all eight of the film sequels available to screen if the Cenobites are your thing.
Wes Craven's New Nightmare
The late Wes Craven took his Nightmare on Elm Street films and milked them for all that they were worth. His 1994 film, Wes Craven's New Nightmare was a docu-style film that took a look at what would happen if the stars and creators of the Nightmare films were being stalked by Freddy Krueger in real life. Unlike the films before it, New Nightmare is much more of a thriller than a slasher film, but it's still extremely disturbing.
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Sleepy Hollow
Before FOX took on the show, Tim Burton put his own Gothic spin on the tale of the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow. Johnny Depp stars as Ichabod Crane, a New York detective sent to investigate the vicious crimes in the village. Though the film is definitely creepy, the 19th century setting is what gives it its spooky nature.
The Addams Family
What better way is there to celebrate Halloween, than with the creepiest family around? This '90s film update on the classic television show from the 1960s is a ton of fun, and you'll still get a full night of sleep after watching it. With Anjelica Huston as the glamorously morbid Morticia, to Christina Ricci as the gloomy pint-sized Wednesday, The Addams Family is the perfect film to watch after viewing a much more hardcore horror flick.
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From 2004-2010 a Saw film was released around Halloween. The first one (like most franchise films) is the best, and probably shouldn't be watched too late at night. The film follows the Jigsaw Killer, and the monstrous games that he devises as a way to torture his victims. The films are both disturbingly gory, and extremely terrifying. Netflix has the original film along with four of its sequels available for streaming.
The Nightmare
After watching The Nightmare, sleeping probably won't be an activity that seems all that exciting anymore. This documentary film is an unconventional pick for a Halloween horror film, but it's just as frightening as traditional slashers and psychological thrillers. The doc film explores the horrors of sleep paralysis; a condition where people find that they are temporarily paralyzed after waking up. They also hallucinate scary creatures in their bedrooms. Even more terrifying, scientists have been unable to explain the phenomenon thus far, or how to combat it.
American Psycho
You may think Christian Grey is creepy and sadistic, but that just means you've never been introduced to Patrick Bateman. Starring Christian Bale (pre-Batman), American Psycho follows uber successful NYC businessman Patrick Batemen, who moonlights as a serial killer after work. The thriller is disturbing not just because of Bateman's kinks, but because of the the underlying humor laced throughout the film. He's very aware that he's a psychopath and that's makes the film even scarier.
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The Sixth Sense
If you were existing in the world at all in 1999, then you surely remember the famous line, "I see dead people."  M. Night Shyamalan's supernatural thriller The Sixth Sense, follows Cole Sear, a troubled little boy who sees ghosts and his psychologist, Dr. Malcolm Crowe played by Bruce Willis, who desperately tries to help him. The film is full of creepy twists and turns, and though Cole isn't quite as horrifying as Damien from The Omen, there is still something inherently awful about a child with supernatural abilities.
The Omen
Children can already be a bit scary, but if they're also the Antichrist, that adds an entirely new dimension to terrifying tots. The Omen follows a wealthy couple and their beloved 5-year-old son Damien. However, Damien isn't like most children, he causes horrific things to happen wherever he goes. Basically the moral of this story is never lie to your spouse about where your child actually came from.
Rosemary’s Baby
Pregnancy never seemed more terrifying then it was in Rosemary's Baby. Though Mia Farrow's iconic hairstyle and maternity wear gave the film a bit of a modern twist, the story line is beyond horrifying. Farrow plays a young woman named Rosemary who suspects that her unborn child is the spawn of the devil after she dreams she's been raped by a demon. Her husband, played by John Cassavetes, tries to squash her fears, but he becomes more and more suspicious himself. Rosemary's Baby is quite disturbing especially for a 1960s era film.
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Wes Craven's Scream reinvigorated the horror genre the '90s. Neve Campbell played jumpy teenager Sidney Prescott. A year after the brutal murder of her mother, a masked killer begins terrorizing her and her friends. Scream was so successful that it spawned three sequels. Scream 2 and Scream 3 are also available to stream on Netflix if you're up for a marathon.
Let the Right One In
If you thought Twilight was the vampire romance of the past decade then you've never seen Let the Right One In. This Swedish horror film follows a 12-year-old boy who is constantly bullied until he finds a kindred spirit in his mysterious neighbor whom he suspects has a very dark secret. Though striking up full fledged conversion with neighbors seems like a pain, you'll at the very least make sure you're always polite after watching this film.
The Silence of the Lambs
Though Buffalo Bill used women's skin as clothing, Hannibal Lecter, played by the iconic and amazing Sir. Anthony Hopkins is still the OG serial killer. In order to catch Bill, rookie FBI agent Clarice Starling played by Jodie Foster asked Lecter for help. The Silence of the Lambs is legendary having been one of only three films in cinema history to take home the top five major Academy Awards.
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The Babadook
Filmmaker Jennifer Kent made her directorial debut with one of the most terrifying horror films in the past decade. The Babadook follows a single mother and her son who are terrorized by a monster after reading the creepiest children's book known to mankind. Stephen King called the film, "deeply disturbing and highly recommended". It's really not a film that should be watched alone and it's also a reminder to stick to Dr. Seuss, and other pleasant tales.