10 Movies We Wish Had A Sequel

So 90% of the time, sequels suck and they put a bad taste in your mouth. But, sometimes, you love a movie so much, that re-watching it 20 times gets old. You need more. This is when sequels become necessary. 

1. Zoolander

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Ben Stiller has yet to produce a film better than this one. We need a sequel to make sure everyone’s still doing okay and to see Derek Zoolander has mastered a look better than Blue Steel. 

2. I Am Legend

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So, that cure apparently worked…but then what? Better yet, wasn’t there supposed to a prequel to this film? We’ll take anything at this point, we’re dying for answers.

3. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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What we would give to see what everyone’s up to in Toontown now, especially not-so-young Baby Herman. Does he look like a teenager now or is he still a baby?

4. Goonies

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If Goonies never say die, why haven’t we been given a new movie? The Goonies have quit on us.

5. Mean Girls

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Mean Girls 2 does not exist in our world. 

6. Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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Isn’t this a series? Where are the rest of these movies? Please deliver, we actually liked this one.

7. The Incredibles


I’m sorry, but we’ve seen how many Cars films and Pixar gave us that God awful Planes movie, but no The Incredibles 2 yet?

8. The Breakfast Club

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John Hughes created so many classics, but never came back to this reunite this crew. Seriously, we’d be so cool with seeing these guys together again, with the ridiculous scenario that all of their children just so happened to get Saturday detention together. 

9. Clueless

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So there was the TV show, but not the same Cher, so not the same thing. Maybe you think a sequel would have ruined this film’s classic status, but we think it would have just enhanced it. 

10. The Mighty Ducks

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Okay, so there was D2 and D3, but we’re waiting on D4, where it was rumored that Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson, please comeback to us) gets himself into a very Gordon Bombay-like situation and is forced to coach a team. Fingers crossed this happens in the next 5 years.

Now, we know some of these movies were supposed to, or are possibly getting, a sequel, but it’s been years since they were released, and we’ve seen nothing yet, so dear movie studios, we’re still waiting! Tweet us which movie you think deserves a sequel!