Napoleon Dynamite + You’re Next = Uncle Rico Stalker – Trailer Recut

Gosh dang it, either Christmas came early or I’ve fallen into pop culture nirvana! The Mashup Artist at has done it again. What you ask? Pretty much the best mashup up ever. What do you think, gosh!

In this sweet exclusive trailer recut, Uncle Rico (Jon Gries) takes center stage as a slimey stalker driving around town snatching up all the pretty girls in town. Meanwhile, Napoleon (Jon Heder) appears to be on to Uncle Ricos mysterious ways when Rico’s accomplice Kip (Aaron Ruell) has invented a mind-eraser and wipes Napoleon’s memory so they can continue their evil charade.

Check out this hilarious trailer recut that creates a haunting and suspenseful twist by using the You’re Next trailer audio and clips from the movie Napolean Dynamite.

Hide your kids, hide your wives cause Uncle Rico’s snatching up everybody all up in here.


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