8 Honest Netflix Categories That Need To Exist

Netflix has to recognize our true desires (and inherent laziness). Summer weather can be gross. We shouldn’t have to leave the comfort of our homes. If only Netflix knew what we really wanted to watch, then we would be all set. Until then, here are some category suggestions that should be taken into consideration.

All The TV Shows You Were Too Busy To Watch (New Episodes Included Immediately )

Scandal, How I Met Your MotherABC/CBS

Didn’t have time to follow Scandal or How I Met Your Mother? No problem. In a perfect world, Netflix wouldn’t make us wait months after a season finale to watch all the newest episodes. This world would also have every single TV show you couldn’t remember to DVR.

Every Movie With A Sequel Coming Out Soon

Sin City, 21 Jump StreetDimension Films/Columbia Pictures

Summer is the season of the sequels. What with 22 Jump Street and Transformers: Age of Extinction slaying the box office, and Dawn Of the Planet of the Apes doing incredibly, it’s easy to tell: sequels are coming. Netflix should be there to help us catch up on the first movie in each series before we make it to the theaters.

Every Michael Bay Movie Ever, So You Can See If They’re All The Same

Transformers, The IslandParamount Pictures/Dreamworks

You want to believe that he has made a movie at least slightly different than a 3-hour-long, explosion packed action film, but you can’t be sure. Will all these movies blur into one massive CGI fight scene, or will you find a gem amongst the pile of Autobot debris? There’s only one way to find out.

Summer Movies, So You Don’t Have to Go Outside …Cause It’s Hot

The Sandlot, The Parent Trap20th Century Fox Film/Buena Vista Pictures

Why go on vacation somewhere hot and sticky, when you can watch someone else do it? With this category, you can set up camp directly next to your air conditioner and buckle down all summer. You can go to the beach without getting sand stuck to your sunscreen’d skin.

All The Movies Where You Can Yell “There’s A Shark Behind You!!” At The Screen

Jaws, SharknadoUniversal Pictures/The Asylum

You’ll be surprised to find out how thrilling it is to warn someone else of their impending doom. If they had just listened to you and gone to the pool instead, they probably would have lived to see another day. Lucky for you they didn’t and you get to keep yelling “Shark. There’s a SHARK!”

Every Cartoon Show You Ever Watched As a Child (Weird Ones Included)

Darkwing Duck, Tiny Toon AdventuresDisney/Warner Bros. Animation

With Magic School Bus getting a make over and being brought back to life on Netflix, it’s time to revisit some childhood classics. Netflix has already had Hey Arnold and Rugrats on it’s queueIt’s time to see some Darkwing Duck  and Tiny Toon Adventures gracing our screens.

Movies To Watch When You Have Absolutely No Idea What You Want To Watch

10 Things I Hate About You, GreaseBuena Vista Pictures/Paramount Pictures

The hardest part about watching Netflix is actually picking something to watch. By the time you’ve picked out a movie, you’ve already eaten all the ice cream in your bowl. Netflix needs to sense how indecisive we are  and bring out the big guns, like your absolute favorite movie from when you were younger and totally forgot about.

Every Scary Movie That Will Make You Pee Your Pants

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The ExorcistNew Line Cinema/Warner Bros.

What better way to hide indoors than scaring yourself senseless? At least its summer now, so we have more sunshine than darkness. That means more hours of the day you can spend exploring just how much you can terrify yourself.