New Avengers Trailer Gives Us A Name, Hope, And An End


So ‘Avengers 4’ didn’t really even need a trailer.

Let’s be honest, people are going to see this movie. You could have had just the title and people would be into it. But Marvel released the first trailer (and name) today, and it’s the perfect tease of what’s to come.

At the end of Infinity War, the Avengers were at a loss. They failed their mission of stopping Thanos, and now, 50 % of the world is dead. Tony Stark is floating in space at the beginning of the trailer, with his last recording being to Pepper Potts. Steve Rogers, Natasha, and Bruce Banner are at Avengers HQ knowing they failed the world and trying to figure out their next step. All is not a loss though, Hawkeye is back, and many Marvel fans will know this sword-wielding Hawkeye as Ronin (In Infinity War everyone half cared about Hawkeye, now its breaking news that he’s in the trailer). Finally, in an after title reveal, Ant-Man is back from his after credit scene from ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ where he turned small and was stuck in the Quantum realm, with Hank Pym becoming a victim from Thanos, unable to get him out.

Hype train aboard, next stop, End Game.


‘Avengers: End Game’ will release April 26, 2019.