New ‘Jungle Cruise’ Trailer looks like another Pirates Movie

Let’s be honest, Disney hit gold with the first ‘Pirates of the Caribean’ movie.

Most of the Disney rides don’t really have a story backing them, so it makes sense that a movie company with a theme park tries to make a movie using their already owned intellectual properties. I know Pirates wasn’t their first attempt, with movies like Country Bears, The Haunted Mansion, and Mission to Mars before it, but it was the first successful one. Now that once dying ride is very popular again, and Disney made some money. So fast forward for the new trial ride turned movie, the Jungle Cruise.

If you’ve never been on the Jungle Cruise, let me explain it. For one it was a very early ride at Disney and it’s at both US parks. you board a small riverboat with a skipper who guides you along the journey. It’s very campy, as in there are plenty of (bad) jokes, puns, and cringy audience participation, but some people love it. The film version is quite different. Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) is a scientist who wants to search for a legend of the Tree of Life and the skipper Frank (Dwayne Johnson) doesn’t believe it exists. The two take a dangerous journey through the Amazon where the magic happens.

It’s plenty/mostly  CGI with a cool captain and a woman whose pretty badass. It’s the same formula as Pirates of the Caribean, which hopefully for Disney means people will love it. Plus it has an old jungle ship making a jump to not be destroyed by a torpedo


‘Jungle Cruise’ releases on July 24, 2020.