‘New Mutants’ is back from the dead with 2nd Trailer

When a company is sold to a competitor it can be a nightmare.

The employees get stuck in a kind of limbo for a while. Sure everything seems great at first, but eventually, the downsizing happens and many find themselves out of a job. That similar thing happens with movies when studios buy other studios, and when Disney bought Fox, that happened with New Mutants. They had an almost completed film, a release date, and the first trailer had been released. Then the merger happened and New Mutants were stuck in limbo. Luckily for us, Disney saw the movie and continued with it, and now, 2 years after the original release date, and plenty of memes made about it never to be released, New Mutants lives.

The story follows a young mutant (Blu Hunt) who just discovers she has powers. She’s brought to a school with other young people (Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor Joy, Charlie Heaton, and Henry Zaga) who have powers as well.  The thing is, they aren’t there to be students, rather prisoners, and probably used for military reasons.

I could go more into the characters and story from the comics, but instead, maybe we should just be glad we are going to see this movie.


‘The New Mutants’ releases April 3, 2020.