New ‘The Wolverine’ Clip: The Most Action-Packed Funeral Scene Ever

You’ve never seen a funeral like this before. While most memorial services are comprised of sobs and speeches, the action-packed funeral in the latest clip from the upcoming superhero flick The Wolverine involves a lot more slicing, shooting, and squealing.  

In the clip, Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) rolls up to the funeral, but quickly senses that something’s definitely off. Logan tries to warn his pals that this is not your average mourning sesh after he spies a distinct tattooed arm… one that’s packing heat.

But Wolverine can take more than your standard gunfire. As shrieks echo through the morbid scene, Logan jumps back up, flashes his shiny claws, and slices every enemy in sight. And you guessed it, these suckers are no match for the Wolverine!  

The James Mangold directed X-Men spin-off follows Logan as he travels to modern-day Japan where he engages in a life-changing battle with his ultimate archival. Start sharpening your claws, because The Wolverine opens in cinemas on July 26.

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