New ‘The Wolverine’ Clip: Hugh Jackman Gets Feisty on Top of a Bullet Train

Hugh Jackman whips out his razor-sharp claws in a new action-heavy clip from his upcoming superhero film The Wolverine, directed by James Mangold.

Marvel’s latest project is the sixth installment in the X-men film series, and serves as a sequel to the 2006 X-Men: The Last Stand. The film follows Logan’s journey to Japan to visit Yashida, who he once saved from a nearly-lethal explosion. The now-mogul Yashida has the advanced technology to say buh-bye to Wolverine and grant Logan a long-awaited mortality. 

Although we already had a taste of the fight scenes to come after viewing the trailers for the inevitable blockbuster, the first clip from the film lets us watch more of the ever-pugnacious Wolverine. Trust me, you’ve never seen a badass fight go down quite like this: Wolverine goes head-to-head with a Yazuka villain while on top of a bullet train. Oh yeah, this bullet train is speeding along quite efficiently.

Despite what might be arguably overzealous CGI, this furious scene makes the film look promising… besides the fact that its too-fast for the eyes at points, making you blink way too much. But come on, who doesn’t love a good fight scene? The only question we have: why must Hugh Jackman wear so much clothing?

To see more of Hugh Jackman’s abtastic body, catch The Wolverine when it reaches theaters July 26.

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