Nicolas Cage To Star In Climate Change Disaster Movie (Because Who Else Would?)


We can’t say this is shocking, unexpected news, but Nicolas Cage has been cast in another action-packed disaster movie (probably because Keanu Reeves was busy).

The new sci-fi flick called The Humanity Project takes place in 2030 when the world has been ravaged by climate change and much of the Midwest is uninhabitable. We’d like to say this is as far-fetched as that time Cage tried to steal the Declaration of Independence, but the fact that Donald Trump just hired a dude who doesn’t believe in global warming to head the EPA makes us concerned. 

In the film, a government agency called The Humanity Project exiles unproductive members of society and banishes them to a colony called New Eden. Cage is a caseworker who’s trying to appeal the exile of a single mother and her son.

Dave Schultz penned the script of flick which will begin shooting next week in British Columbia. Rob King is directing.

As much as we’re sick of Nicholas Cage, we’ve got to admit, he certainly has his thing. There’s no doubt he’ll nail this role (however cheesy it may be).

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