Nicolas Cage Will Return for ‘Ghost Rider’ Sequel

ALTAlthough it was initially unclear whether a second Ghost Rider movie was really in the works, Nicolas Cage confirmed last night on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson that not only is a sequel to Ghost Rider happening, but Cage is 100% on board, having signed a contract with Columbia Pictures just yesterday.

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who helmed both Crank movies, are set to direct the project, tentatively titled Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance.  Cage will reprise his role as Marvel character Johnny Blaze – a stunt daredevil who must become the demon vigilante ‘Ghost Rider’ after selling his soul to Mephisto. 

David Goyer wrote the sequel’s story, and Scott Gimple and Seth Hoffman have both written drafts of the script.

You can check out Nic Cage announcing the return of Ghost Rider in the below clip – just jump ahead to around 3:30 if you don’t feel like listening to all of the unrelated banter, and Cage talking about sharks or whatever.

Source: Slashfilm