NYC Showing Of ‘LaLa Land’ Evacuated Over Fear Of Shooting

movie theater

We live in an era where everyone is on edge about potential mass shootings and terrorist attacks. The last few years have seen a number of violent incidents in movie theaters including shootings during showing of The Dark Knight Rises and Trainwreck. It’s no wonder that an NYC movie theater was evacuated after patrons thought there was a shooter.

According to CBSa New York City showing of La La Land had to be evacuated when a man caused chaos in front of the big screen. The man, who had bought a ticket to a different movie at a different time, stood up in the middle of the showing and approached the screen. He turned around, mumbled and raised his soda cup in the air which sent movie-goers into a panic. The incident resulted in a stampede of people jumping over seats, knocking each other over and rushing to escape the theater.

The man was found to have no weapons in his possession, but just potential made movie-goers panic.

Despite the chaos, no one was hurt and at most, movie-goers suffered the annoyance of having their movie interrupted and maybe just a little unnecessary anxiety.

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