‘Odd Thomas’ Offered To Lily Collins

Lily CollinsLily Collins… Lily Collins… Never heard of her. *Quick Google search* Oh, she was in The Blind Side, no wonder I’ve never heard of her. And she’s the daughter of Phil Collins? Major points! Oh dang, and she’s cute too. Wait, she looks younger. *Quicker Google search* She’s 22! Phew. Let the leering begin!

Anyway, Collins has been offered the female lead in Odd Thomas, the adaptation of the popular Dean Koontz novel. It follows Thomas (Anton Yelchin is attached to play the part), a psychic short order cook who meets a tall dark stranger with a mysterious past. Stephen Sommers, as previously reported, is directing and we wish we could tell you more about the role Collins will play but we just don’t know. I guess you could go buy the book if you absolutely had to, but this is Dean Koontz we’re talking about. I have a general rule that you really shouldn’t read novels that are sold in grocery stores. I’m not sure if the phrase “you don’t shit where you eat” applies here, but I’m just going to go with it! You don’t shit where you eat!

Source: Variety