29 Year-Old Teens of Hollywood

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Age is but a number. In Hollywood, it’s something you ignore altogether. Teen movies are equal opportunities employers: not even 30 year-olds are discriminated against in that search for the perfect juvie casting.

33 might seem old to don a kilt and bucket hat and hit the lockers for a high school TV series, but that’s how many years Stacey Dash had clocked up by the time she hung up her Clueless franchise knee-socks. Alan Ruck made Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, thanks to his off-the-charts levels of brooding adolescent angst. However, at the ripe old age of 29, he was more middle management, than middle school.  It would have been pretty wrong for an under-18 to take on the steamy sex scenes of Wild Things, so they brought in a 27 year-old Denise Richards to take one – or several – for the team. Suspend your disbelief, ignore the crow’s feet, try not to giggle as a karate ‘Kid’ with laughter lines defends his under-18 title.

 GALLERY: 29-Year-Old Teens of Hollywood

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