Olivia Munn Set for Broken Lizard’s ‘Baby Maker’

Olivia MunnFrom the guys that brought us Super Troopers and Beerfest comes a funny movie starring a hot girl. Men of the world, rejoice! Olivia Munn is set to star alongside Paul Schneider (Lars and The Real Girl, Parks and Recreation) in Baby Maker, a film about a couple having trouble well…making a baby.

But of course, because this is a Broken Lizard flick (the comedy troupe behind Beerfest and Super Troopers), that’s not all there is. Schneider’s character decides that in order to help make a baby, he needs to rob a sperm bank so he can retrieve the specimen he left there as a much younger man. WHAT? Okay, they’ve got my attention. Fans of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe can simmer down, because yes, they will all be in the film. Kevin Heffernan will be the crazy best friend (surprising, right? NOT) and Jay Chandrasekhar will direct as well and play an Estonian thief. I’ve never been completely sold on Beerfest, but with this flick, it seems like the pieces are coming together just right.

Munn is the queen of hot-girl-dude-humor and Schneider is a great everyman to get roped into some insane (and probably illegal) antics. Filming is set to start this summer, and if all goes well, this casting will be just one small piece of Munn’s snowballing rise to fame.

Source: Collider