One Crazy Night In The ‘Office Christmas Party’ Teaser Video


Office Christmas parties can be an interesting night.


Coworkers don’t normally hang out, but once a year, the eggnog is flowing and things get interesting. All of a sudden people let loose, things get weird, and Karen from HR is making out with the rental Santa. That entire concept is what Paramount’s new film ‘Office Christmas Party’ is about.

In the film Carol (Aniston) is a hard ass CEO who wants to cancel the yearly Christmas party. Josh (Bateman) is her brother, and when he finds out Carol wants to close his branch he rallies his co-workers to throw an epic party in order to impress some clients and save the day. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for the viewer, things get out of control.

‘Office Christmas Party’ has a pretty stellar cast with not only Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston, but also the likes of TJ MillerKate McKinnonAbbey LeeOlivia MunnVanessa Bayer, and Jillian Bell to lend their comedy to the hilariousness.


Office Christmas Party comes out just in time for your holiday work party, December 9, 2016.