One Last Race For McQueen In ‘Cars 3’ Official Trailer


I love Disney/Pixar. With that being said, Cars was always my least favorite franchise.

The first Cars was decent enough. Cars 2 went really weird, with a Mater subplot about spies in other countries, it was strange. The third Cars, ‘Cars 3’ looks like it’s taking a turn for an original story, and judging from this 4th trailer, might actually be my favorite.

This film takes place later in Lightning McQueen’s (Owen Wilson) career. He’s old, and other cars are faster. He’s become famous with deals like crazy, and they only can get better. His sponsors want him to quit racing now that he’s on top. If he goes down, he’ll lose everything. Of course, Lightning wants to be the fastest wants to keep racing.  There’s a new car on the track too with Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) Lightning trains harder than he’s ever trained before, can he somehow go out on top, or will he lose everything?


‘Cars 3’ releases June 16, 2017.