Oscars 2013: Should Seth MacFarlane Host Again?

Seth MacFarlane: 2013 Oscars

Hosting the Oscars is like  — if you do a good job, they’re going to force you (against your will) to do it again. Billy Crystal, Bob Hope, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jon Stewart are among those who’ve been guilted into returning to the Academy Awards stage after impressive turns, and we’re wondering if Seth MacFarlane will be joining their ranks. True, some of MacFarlane’s material didn’t go over so well with some audiences — not Robert De Niro, he loved it — but we could envision a world with another go-’round for the Family Guy creator, especially given his ascension toward big picture relevance what with 2012’s Ted and the developing comedy movie, A Million Ways to Die in the West.

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So what do you think? Do you think MacFarlane should get another chance at the stage? Does America want another rendition of “We Saw Your Boobs?”, another extended appearance by a Star Trek veteran, another CGI child’s toy probing Mark Wahlberg for details on Hollywood’s post-Oscars sexual escapades?

Let us know!

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