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Our Favorite 2022 Celebrity Halloween Costumes


Boo! Halloween is finally here, and the costumes so far have been spooktacular. Here at Hollywood.com, we’re celebrating Halloween with our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes: movie style. From animated movies, to full fledged horror films, we’re taking a look at some celebrities take on iconic movie characters.

Ariana Grande & Liz Gillies: Best in Show 

This iconic friendship duo planned their Halloween costumes in May. With their deep love of going full out, the 2 dressed as characters from the 2000 mockumentary film Best in ShowAriana Grande dressed as both Eugene Levy’s character Gerry Fleck and Jennifer Coolidge’s character Sherri Ann Cabot. Liz Gillies embodied Catherine O’Hara’s character Cookie Fletch and Jane Lynch’s Christy Cummings.


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This one might beat out all the other celebrity Halloween costumes. The commitment. The comedy. Astounding.

Shawn Mendes: Indiana Jones 

Shawn Mendes embodied Harrison Ford and the heroic character of Indiana Jones. He sported the look on his way to Vas J Morgan Halloween party in West Hollywood, California with model Winnie Harlow, who was dressed as an Egyptian Queen.


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Kim Kardashian: X-Men

Kim Kardashian must have turned all the heads this Halloween with her Mystique costume. Invited to Tracee Ellis Ross’ birthday dinner, the star showed up in a full blue body suite, thinking mistakenly it was a Halloween costume party. While she might have been one of the only ones dressed in a costume, she still killed the look.


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Lizzo: The Simpsons

Not necessarily a movie character, but a character nonetheless! Lizzo dressed up as Marge Simpson this year with the memorable large blue wig and painted yellow all over her skin. If there’s ever a Simpsons live action, we’re hoping for Lizzo as Marge.


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She clearly succeeded within the celebrity Halloween costumes category.

Lili Reinhart, Madeline Petsch, and Camila Mendes: Hocus Pocus 

These ladies never miss a beat with their Halloween costumes! The Riverdale costars put on their evil faces and dressed as the Sanderson sisters from Hocus PocusLili Reinhart was Sarah, Madeline Petsch was Winnifred, and Camila was Mary. They put a spell on us for sure.


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Keke Palmer: Tangled 

Keke Palmer’s takes on another Disney princess with Rapunzel. The actress sported beautiful long locks and a colorful dress. Disney casting department, please think about Keke Palmer for your live-action Tangled.