Our 9 Favorite Leading Males in Nicholas Sparks Films

Nicholas Sparks has been creating epic love stories for years now and what makes each movie great is it’s leading man. Every beautiful romance needs it’s leading man to make us fall in love with him, and these 9 men have done just that.

John Tyree - Dean John
Dear John Movie Stills: Channing Tatum
Hollywood.com Staff/Syndicated by: Screen Gems
Dear John as a movie might not be everyone's favorite Nicholas Sparks film, but we can all agree that Channing Tatum was a sweetheart as John Tyree. We loved his relationship with his father. Can we sign up for his pen pal program?!
Luke Collins - The Longest Ride
'The Longest Ride' Trailer
Luke Collins disregard for his own health is what ranks him lower on this list. We give Scott Eastwood bonus points for being such a beautiful specimen. We'd wear cowboy boots for him any day!
Alex Wheatley - Safe Haven
Safe Haven
Relativity Media
Josh Duhamel tried his hand at romance as Alex in Safe Haven and we were super into it. What's cuter than a loving father, just trying to take of his adorable kids?
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Dawson Cole - The Best of Me
The Best of Me, Luke Bracey, James Marsden
Relativity Media
The Best of Me is amazing because we've got two hotties (Luke Bracey and James Marsden) playing one tender, twisted soul. Poor Dawson Cole led such a conflicted life, but we truly felt for him and all of his struggles. It also helped that he basically refused to love anyone else. True romance!
Will Blakelee - The Last Song 
The Last Song Movie Stills: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
Hollywood.com Staff/Syndicated by: Walt Disney Pictures
Liam Hemsworth as Will Blakelee was such great casting. Our love for him and this movie might have a little to do with how much we loved his real-life romance with co-star Miley Cyrus.
Travis Parker - The Choice
Ben Walker, The Choice
Isn't there a saying about the thin line between love and hate? We're dying to see how the animosity between Travis and Gabby turns into an electric love story in The Choice. Benjamin Walker is obviously a handsome lead, we totally can see why any girl would go from hating him to loving him.
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Landon Carter - A Walk to Remember
A Walk to Remember: Mandy Moore, Shane West
Hollywood.com Staff/Syndicated by: Warner Bros.
A bad boy falling in love with the preacher's daughter? Yes please! Landon turning away his troubled life to fall in love Jamie was sweet, but his reaction to her fatal diagnosis is what truly ranks him so high on this list. Shane West is pretty easy on the eyes as well.
Logan Thibault - The Lucky One
The Lucky One: Taylor Schilling, Zac Efron
Hollywood.com Staff/Syndicated by: Warner Bros.
Zac Efron as a romantic lead is literally the perfect choice. If any guy is going to get an older woman who isn't sure about love anymore to fall in love with them, it's Zac.
Noah Calhoun - The Notebook
'The Notebook'
New Line Cinema
There is no leading man more deserving of #1 than Noah. Ryan Gosling set the bar very high for boyfriends after The Notebook. Who doesn't want to recreate that kiss scene in the rain?