New ‘Pacific Rim’ Clips Let Us Know That No One Touches Idris Elba

There are still a couple weeks to go before Pacific Rim is released on July 12, but we’ve got a few new clips to whet your appetite. They show some impressive fight sequences, giant monsters and equally giant robots designed to fight them, and explosions, of course. 

But the most important thing you should take away from these clips is that Idris Elba is the last man standing. He lays down some Fight Club-style rules for Charlie Hunnam, telling him to 1. Never touch him again, and 2. Never touch him again. Seriously, Charlie Hunnam, who do you think you are? No one just touches Idris Elba without his permission. Get it together.

Giant aliens, giant robots, giant explosions. Everything in this clips is giant… except the boat being dragged across the city. That looks small in comparison.

Rinko Kikuchi takes Charlie Hunnam to the mat. Get it, girl.

Credit: Warner Bros.

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