Pam Grier, Michael Madsen & Brigette Nielsen Will ‘Skinny Dip’

Pam GrierAnother day, another rape movie. I’m really getting tired of all these Last House On The Left and I Spit On Your Grave wannabees. Rape-revenge movies are a dime-a-dozen, all containing simple stories that end similarly. They weren’t necessarily good in the 70s and they certainly aren’t good now. Neverthelss, production company The Zoo has lined up a B and C-list cast of genre heroes for Skinny Dip, a film that, like the fore mentioned titles, is made for perverts and juggalos.

Frankie Latina is directing from a script by Norman Lasca, whose story tells of a girl who takes an innocent dare, ends up terribly victimized and then seeks shotgun-wielding revenge while wearing a stolen police uniform. The Zoo is using the following tag line to sell distribution rights at the Cannes Film Festival: “They took her bikini. They took her virginity. She took her revenge.” Again, haven’t seen that movie before. Sasha Grey will star, undoubtedly as the girl, while my guess is that Danny Trejo (who was originally cast with Grey) will play one of the rapists. Today, exploitation queen Pam Grier, genre favorite Michael Madsen and what-the-hell-happened-to-her actress Brigitte Nielsen have joined the production in undisclosed roles, though my guess is that Madsen will join Trejo in ravaging Grey.

I just don’t get the obsession with these kinds of films. It’s not horror; there would have to be some element of fear involved for it to fall into that category. Skinny Dip is literally the worst kind of shock-and-awe production you could imagine, a product that exists only to degrade women by recreating terrible events that REAL females have to deal with in their lives, only to offer the false notion of empowerment at the end of the story that’s more fantasy than reality. I’m generally not one to knock a filmmaker for their tastes or work (especially before the film in question has been shot) but I just can’t support Skinny Dip in any way.

Source: THR