Paul Walker Revs Up ‘Vehicle 19’

Paul WalkerI’ve never heard of a guy trying to be typecast, but that’s Paul Walker for you. He’s barely been able to squeeze out a career in between installments of The Fast and The Furious franchise, but on the eve of the release of the latest entry in the series he’s signing up for another film centered on an automobile. Variety says Walker will star-in and produce Vehicle 19, a project from the 2010 Black List of best un-produced screenplays.

Mukunda Michael Dewil is writing and directing the pic about an American man with a rap sheet who travels to South Africa and finds himself unknowingly transporting a hostage to testify against a corrupt police force. Peter Safran and Ryan Haidarian are producing while agency UTA will sell the film to US distributors.

Ten years ago, I thought that Walker could be a major movie star. He had the all-American good looks and a decent personality that could make anyone a heartthrob, plus a few hits under his belt (She’s All That, Varsity Blues, The Fast and The Furious). These days he’s a bit of a joke; the could’ve-been, should’ve-been A-lister who squandered his celebrity capital on misfires like Timeline and Into The Blue. At 37, he’s still got time to turn things around, but not if he keeps his career in automatic much longer.

Source: Variety