People Are Actually Mad That The Beast Looks “Ugly” In Live Action ‘Beauty And The Beast’


The whole premise behind Beauty And The Beast is that inner beauty is what’s really important. Belle ditches the hunky Gaston, who’s actually a total jerk, for the ugly but kind Beast. This story line would literally make no sense if the Beast was handsome.

Apparently, the Internet totally missed the memo. The first ever pictures of Dan Stevens as the Beast in Beauty And The Beast’s live action remake were recently released, and people are seriously angry because the Beast is too ugly. Yeah, okay.

The Internet actually forgot that the Beast is actually a, uhm, beast.

But don’t worry! There are lots of people out there shaking their heads with us.

Personally, we think Belle and the Beast are an adorable match. She’s so tiny compared to him, and also, let’s not forget he turns into a totally hot prince. But even if he didn’t, it’s inner beauty that matters, guys! Plus, he’s nowhere near as creepy-looking as Cogsworth.

Do you think the beast is too ugly in the live action remake?

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