Peter Dinklage to Star in ‘Bad Santa’-Style R-rated Comedy

Peter Dinklage being attached to star in a new film in the vein of 'Bad Santa'‘Bad Santa’/Screen Gems

Peter Dinklage will be taking a break from navigating the politics of Westeros in order to get a little raunchy. The actor is attached to star in a new R-rated comedy that is being developed by Paramount. The film will center around a man who tells people that he is a real leprechaun, and will reportedly balance out its hard-R nature with an emotional center. It is being described as having a similar feel to 2003’s Bad Santa, which starred Billy Bob Thornton as filthy department store Santa, and Jason Bateman‘s directorial debut Bad Words, which centers around foul-mouthed spelling bee contestants… meaning Dinklage’s film will plausibly have the word “bad” in the title, and be full of cursing. 

Other than the vaguest of descriptions, not much is known about the project, which will be written by Bad Words‘ Andrew Dodge. However, no matter what they attempt to throw at him, Dinklage’s run on Game Of Thrones has to have prepared him for whatever foul language, nudity, violence, or combinations thereof will be thrown his way. Once you start competing for the Iron Throne, almost nothing can shock you. Dinklage will also be able to bring some gravitas to the role, as his performance in The Station Agent proves that he is a very talented dramatic actor. 

Dinklage will next appear as Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which hits theaters in 2014, as well as A Case of You alongside Evan Rachel Wood and Justin Long, who wrote and produced the film. And of course, he will continue to play Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones when the show returns early next year. 

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