There Are a Surprising Amount of Ethnic Stereotypes in Disney’s New ‘Planes’ Trailer

Credit: Disney/Pixar

Michael Bay pioneered the market on racist machinery, introducing a pair of robots in Transformers that lay waste to political correctness. You might expect this from the man who has made a career out of the sense of humor celebrated by 12-year-old boys. But from Disney, you’d assume that ethnic stereotypes aren’t really part of the game plan… well, at least from contemporary Disney (before the modern era took hold, the works of Walt were infamously riddled with jive talking crows and babbling Siamese cats). But the company’s latest foray, Planes, seems to opt for every stereotype in the book.

The trailer below showcases a Southern yokel leading the cast, backed up by a passionate and poetic Latin lover, a mystical Indian temptress, an uptight and rigid British character, and a quip-snapping African-American forklift. Seems as though the days of Peter Pan‘s American Indians aren’t as far behind us as we might have thought…

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