‘Point Break’ Remake Nabs ‘Invincible’ Director, Fans Cry Foul

Invincible Director Ericson Core to Helm Point Break Remake

Kathryn Bigelow, eat your heart out. 

Alcon Entertainment is proceeding full steam ahead with their remake of 1991’s Point Break, the early Bigelow actioner about an FBI agent undercover with a group of surfers-turned-bank robbers. The production company has just hired director Ericson Core to reimagine the film for the 21st century. His only notable previous directing effort was the 2006 Mark Wahlberg football film, Invincible. Mostly, Core has made his career as the cinematographer for action-heavy films like Payback, Daredevil, and The Fast and the Furious, which some critics have charged as a rip-off of Point Break, with illegal street car racing in place of surfing.

Casting hasn’t yet been announced, but the original Point Break starred Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey, and Patrick Swayze, earned back nearly quadruple its $24 million budget at the box office, and has become a major cult hit on VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray.

No surprise then that a lot of Point Break fans are grumbling about the idea of a remake, and are taking their concerns to Twitter. Simon Pegg, for one, tweeted, “I’m hearing word of a Point Break remake. When I finish writing this tweet, I will sigh heavily, close my eyes and shake my head…The beauty of Point Break was that Katherine Bigelow [sic] took a ludicrous idea, cast Reeves/Swayze/Busey and made a classic. Good luck remake.”

To use Keanu’s preferred form of speech, what do you think of a Point Break remake: Whoa or No? 

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