Last of the Mohicans: Punk Rock Movies

‘Rock ‘N Roll High School’ [1979]New World Pictures

Punk rock may have died in ’79, but there’s one legacy not even the most hi-def new wave synth can snuff out. No, not the tartan bondage trousers at Hot Topic: it’s the punk rock movie. Whether your thing’s legend-studded rockumentaries, poignant foreign language stuff, or high school capers lorded over by The Ramones – punk lives, on celluloid.  The gob-flecked tragedy of Sid & Nancy, the austere DIY chops of hardcore doc The Last Days of Civilization, the freaks of Dutch art-house fav, Ex-Drummer – punk comes in many forms (most of them smelling strongly of glue).

GALLERY: Last of the Mohicans — Punk Rock Movies

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