Quartet Enters Walter Hill’s ‘St. Vincent’

Maria BelloSource: Variety

Walter Hill just got very lucky with the casting of his latest effort, the crime thriller St. Vincent. Variety reports that the director has lined up Pierce Brosnan, Billy Bob Thornton, Maria Bello and Giovanni Ribisi to star in the film which is being produced by IM Global’s Stuart Ford, Claudio Castravelli and Beau St. Clair.

St. Vincent follows a hitman (Brosnan) who goes undercover as a priest to get close to his target, a gangland traitor (Thornton). The hitman soon discovers that playing the good guy is more dangerous than being a mob killer. The script was written by Cameron Young.

Hill is an old school player – an extremely talented multihypenate who is not only responsible for box office successes like the Alien franchise, 48 Hrs. and it’s sequel and Red Heat, but has also jumped from genre to genre making some beloved films like Brewster’s Millions, The Warriors and Crossroads (not the painful Brittany Spears vehicle). He hasn’t directed a film since 2002’s Undisputed, so I’m very excited to see what he can do with a high-concept project and stars like these in his cast.