Rachel Weisz Joining ‘Oz, The Great & Powerful’?

Rachel WeiszThe first time I saw The Constant Gardener, my main thoughts on the film were about how great Rachel Weisz looked in her nude scenes. True story. I’m glad that she won an Academy Award for her performance as a driven political do-gooder because it was layered, charming and a great display of her skills, but when I think back on the movie in hindsight my most vivid memory is about wanting to drink her bath water. Sadly, I don’t think that Disney’s Oz, The Great and Powerful, the film which she is currently in contention to join, will require her to disrobe like the fore mentioned drama, but I’m enthusiastic about her being in it nonetheless.

Coming Soon reports that the former Mrs. Aronofsky is possibly in the running to play the evil witch Evanora in Sam Raimi’s prequel to the seminal 1939 fantasy, which already has James Franco locked into its cast as a younger version of the Wizard who comes to the magical land of Oz via hot-air balloon. Mila Kunis is also attached to play Theodora, a good witch that Evanora attempts to bring to her side.

Nothing is yet confirmed and the production has seen its share of actors come and go (from Robert Downey Jr. to Blake Lively), but I think that Weisz is as good a choice as any to play Evanora. However, actresses as busy as she is are the reason that the film has been so hard to cast. With six films in various stages of production, including 360 (which is currently shooting) and Lasse Hallstrom’s new drama The Danish Girl (which is likely to shoot this summer), she may not have the time to work on Oz as scheduling is a major issue. It’s a tough one to call, but if plans can be moved around a bit I know she’d be a worthwhile addition to the film.

Source: Coming Soon