The Best Disney Channel Original Movies

If you grew up watching Disney Channel, then you know what a DCOM is. You spent most of your time by the TV, avidly watching some of these movies. You’ve got the scrapes on your knees to prove just how much you loved Brink!.

Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire
An underrated DCOM movie, this was the movie that made us all a little paranoid that our parents would date or be friends with a vampire.
This movie taught us that wishing for siblings might not work out in our favor.
Up, Up and Away
Who didn't want a family full of superheros? We would love to saved the world with the Marshall family.
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Luck of the Irish
This is easily one of the most ridiculous DCOMs every made, yet it's still a must watch ever St. Patrick's day.
The Even Stevens Movie
Only the Stevens family would "win" a vacation to a tropical island, just to find out they are actually contestants on a reality game show.
The Thirteenth Year
If you weren't upset on your 13th birthday because you didn't turn into a merman (or mermaid) then you're a liar.
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High School Musical
Say what you will about HSM, we think it was the start of something new (and amazing).
Under Wraps
A mummy brought back to life to wear funky 70s clothing? Priceless. Thank you Disney Channel.
Tru Confessions
This was the first time Shia LaBeouf tried to be serious and it was actually pretty good.
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Cadet Kelly
Hil Duff was the queen of the Disney Channel and paired with Christy Carlson Romano, this movie was unstoppable.
Phantom of the Megaplex
Mickey Rooney turned this cheesy Disney movie into something adorable that we look forward to every Halloween season.
Double Teamed
As a girl growing up, it was so cool to see the real-life story of two girls on their path to be awesome in the WNBA.
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Gotta Kick It Up
"Si se puede!" Yes we can! This movie gave us the perfect catch phrase for whenever we're feeling down.
The Cheetah Girls
A great portion of DCOMS were musicals, but The Cheetah Girls takes the cake for the very best.
Girls can do everything boys can. Case and point.
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Johnny Tsunami
Surfing and snowboarding CAN coexist. Thank you Johnny for teaching us that.
Smart House
Why don't smart houses exist at a CHEAP cost yet? We know technology is advanced enough for this. COME ON ALREADY!
Everyone tried - and failed - to become an in-line skater after this movie came out. Our hearts were happy, but our knees were forever scarred.
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Best Halloween movie to come out of the Disney Channel. No questions. The sequels...not so much.
Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
The fashion, the jobs, AND the lingo from this movie make it #1. Zetus Lapetus!

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