Here Are 8 Years Of Marvel Movies Ranked

Now that Captain America: Civil War has come roaring through movie theaters, we thought we’d take a look back at all 13 films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From The Incredible Hulk to Civil War, this is how the Marvel films stack up against one another.

As a follow up to 2008's Iron Man, we're just going to have to say that Iron Man 2 was a hot jumbled mess. Though Scarlett Johansson and Don Cheadle are fantastic as Black Widow and James Rhodes respectively, the casting of Mickey Rourke as the film's tragic villain Whiplash, was a huge miss. No one, not even Robert Downey Jr. could have saved Iron Man 2 from self-destructing.
Is it terrible that we always forget that the The Incredible Hulk exists? To be fair Edward Norton's Bruce Banner is light-years better than Eric Bana's portrayal in 2003's The Hulk (pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe). However, The Incredible Hulk just doesn't have the fun and sass that the rest of the Marvel films have. (To be fair, it was the second film from MCU). Still, the legend that is Tim Roth was wasted as the villainous Abomination. However, we've still always wondered what would have happened if Norton hadn't boycotted promoting the film. Would Mark Ruffalo still have gotten his chance as the green superhero?
As a follow up to Thor, Thor: The Dark World kind of missed its mark. Chris Hemsworth's Thor is delightful AF to look at sure, but beyond that, we never really get to see a passionate side of him, unless he's hanging with his brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston).  Hiddleston is by far the best thing about Dark World, but he's barely in the film. Unfortunately, Natalie Portman's Jane Foster is kind of just there, with not much else for her to do. Meanwhile, Malekith is barely interesting as a villain. Luckily director Alan Taylor is a master of action, so the film was at least fun to watch. Next year's Thor: Ragnarok replaces Portman with Tessa Thompson as Thor's love interest, and apparently her character will have some super human abilities as well.
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Before you attack us, hear us out. Iron Man 3 is a great psychological film, we get to dive deep into Tony Stark's tortured heart and that's really interesting and compelling, but, that's not what we came here for.  We want to see as much of Iron Man in his suit as we possibly can, so this film definitely left us wanting. Also, finally giving Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts something to do was just too little too late in our opinion. Iron Man 3 is a really good MCU film, it's just not the best. Also, if you're a comic book purist, we're sure you're still pissed about that ending.
If you can appreciate Marvel on a much smaller scale, then you'll be able to appreciate the genius that is Ant-Man. Led by Paul Rudd who is actually human perfection incarnated, the uproariously funny film follows ex-con Scott Lang on his quest to reunite with his young daughter by aiding a scientist. Corey Stoll's villainous Darren Cross was so stereotypical that it somehow worked. Still, the real star of the film here is the often overlooked, Michael Peña who needs MORE ROLES IN HOLLYWOOD as Luis. Ant-Man is small for MCU, but it certainly doesn't feel like we're missing out.
We've said it before and we'll say it again, we'll watch Chris Hemsworth holding a hammer every day of the week. As far as Marvel superhero origin story's go, Thor is pretty good. The film solidified the Asgard God's backstory and made Tom Hiddleston a mega star. Literally, Loki is a muthaf*ckin icon!. Still, Thor has a few flaws, There isn't enough Asgard and the film's pace literally moves at a rip-roaring speed. But ultimately, Thor is one of Marvel's best origin stories.
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We all know that Joss Whedon is a master storyteller, so it's no wonder that Marvel entrusted him with Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Age of Ultron almost lives up to the hype...almost. The film is so large that it's nearly unwieldy, with such a large cast and an even larger scope. There is so much ambition in the film, that it nearly beats the viewers over the head with it. And yet, with the story-lines, introduction of new characters and James Spader voicing Ultron, it's still incredibly entertaining.
We definitely struggled with determining if we should place Captain America: The First Avenger before or after Thor, but ultimately, we think Chris Evans as Cap' takes the cake here. For history nerds, the World War II setting added extra flair to the film while Hugo Weaving's Red Skull is sensational. Though the latter half of The First Avenger felt a tad sluggish at times, it solidified the brotherhood between Cap and his BFF Bucky which will help navigate us through Marvel films moving forward.
Marvel's first film Iron Man was a huge risk, especially when Robert Downey Jr, was cast as Tony Stark. And yet, Downey's portrayal of an Iron Man who was playful but also battling his own demons helped solidify the tone of all Marvel films moving forward. Watching the film almost a decade after its release makes the "big-bad" seem rather minuscule compared to all of the villains we've had since, and yet, it still fits perfectly into the MCU.
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OK, just bear with us.We know that you want Guardians of the Galaxy to be ranked higher on this list, and we do as well. However, despite the perfect casting of Chris Pratt as Peter Quill, the perfectly witty dialogue, and let's not even get into how amazing the soundtrack is, Guardians isn't quite flawless. Quill's origin story and the plot itself really isn't given the same service as Stark's, Roger's or Thor's. Other than that, the film is delightful AF.
Captain America: Civil War is MCU's longest film thus far, and though the film is about the tension between Cap and Tony Stark, it's pretty much the third Avengers film. There is a ton going on here between Cap's irrational plan to defend his friend Bucky, to Stark's insurmountable guilt over creating Ultron. But what's really magnificent here are the introduction of the new Spider-Man (played by Brit Tom Holland) and T'Challa aka Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman). However, it's the final fight between Cap and Iron Man that makes the film one of MCU's best. It's a deeply personal fight rooted in years of history and tension that forces it well beyond the "typical superhero film."
After four long years of waiting, Marvel finally brought The Avengers together in an entertainingly fresh and stunning film. Considering all of the moving pieces within it, the movie should not have worked as seamlessly as it did, but with mastermind Joss Whedon helming the project, the film is nearly perfect. The story not only pays homage to  comic book fans, but it's extremely entertaining, and Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk is just the Bruce Banner we were waiting for.
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More than any other directors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems that the Russo brothers just seem to get it. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is stunningly unique when it comes to plot, story lines and Captain's one-armed fight scenes. We really get to learn who Cap is far beyond the soldier with the shield. Also, Anthony Mackie's Falcon is pretty kick ass, and Black Widow is just amazing here. Seriously though, Nick Fury even takes off his eye-patch in this movie! What more could you want?