Ranking The 10 Best ‘High School Musical’ Songs

2016 marks the 10 year anniversary of High School Musical. On New Year’s Eve 10 years ago Troy and Gabriella met at the ski lodge and it was the start of something new. Three movies and a decade later, it’s time to sort some things out. We all have our favorite movies in the series (High School Musical 3: Senior Year for me) and we obviously all have our favorite songs. But there are some things that cannot be disputed, like which songs are best, and which songs we’d rather never hear again (“When There Was Me and You” and “Humuhumunukunukuapua’a” we’re looking at you). Where does your favorite song rank on this Top 10 list?

10. “Start of Something New” – Gabriella and Troy

This was the song that started it all. It may not have a big dance number like every other song in this series, but that’s what makes it special. This was when Troy and Gabriella first met and fell for each other. Don’t mind us, just tearing up re-watching this video.

9. “Get’cha Head In The Game” – Troy and the Wildcats

Dumb song name aside, this is another great song. If you can’t get your head on right, just get’cha head in the game! If you’re feeling down, just get’cha head in the game! If you can’t decide between basketball and drama, just get’cha head in the game!

8. “The Boys Are Back” – Troy and Chad

There aren’t many songs that celebrate the bromance that Troy and Chad have, but “The Boys Are Back” does that perfectly. Sometimes Chad isn’t the most supportive best friend for Troy, but he’s a good guy all around. This song gets bonus points for the portion where the mini Troy and Chad come out to dance.

7. “Scream” – Troy

Troy’s solos are always something magical. Zac Efron may not have the most enviable singing voice, but this song gets to us. It’s a vastly mature compared to the first film, yet still keeps the classic HSM vibes.

6. “You Are The Music In Me” – Troy and Gabriella

Anytime Troy and Gabriella have a duet, it’s musical perfection. Sharpay may have really wanted to sing this song with Troy, but we all know that Gabriella is the only one who could have made this song work so well.

5. “I Want It All” – Sharpay and Ryan

This song is so Sharpay, our eyes basically bled pink after watching it. But in a good way! Sharpay and Ryan never got the good duets once Gabriella and Troy came around, so this was exactly the right amount of sass and divaness that we waited 3 movies for.

4. “A Night To Remember” – Entire Cast

There are a dozen or more ensemble songs in the HSM series, but this is one of the best. We can’t help but sing along, grumbling with the boys at the start as they clearly aren’t excited for prom. But when they change their tunes, we find ourselves dancing and reminiscing about our own proms.

3. “We’re All In This Together” – Entire Cast

How could this not be in the top 3? This song is perfect and literally the best way to tell people that together is how everything should be.

2. “Bet On It” – Troy

Any true Zac Efron fan loves this song and the corresponding choreography. When you’re upset, don’t you go to the golf course to dance it out too? Out of all of his solos, “Bet On It” is easily the very best, and the only one we’re willing to watch again and again and again.

1. “Breaking Free” – Troy and Gabriella

This HAD to be number 1. If you thought any other song should come before “Breaking Free”, then you clearly need to re-watch the entire series, because there is no song that is better. Drew Seeley deserves a lot of credit here, since that’s not actually our love Zac singing most of this tune, but it’s still a timeless classic that we will sing until we’re in our 90s.
Special Shoutout: “What Time Is It?”

Because ever since we heard this song, we can’t help but hum it (or break into full song) whenever someone asks for the time.