Ranking the Many Movie Beards of Hugh Jackman

It takes a lot of effort for Hugh Jackman to look anything less than handsome at all times. Sure, there’s the occasional awkward running picture or a bad haircut for a period film, but for the most part, his dashing good looks prevail. However, nothing tests that theory quite like a dramatic new look, like the bald-head-with-full-beard that he’s currently rocking for his role as Blackbeard in Joe Wright’s upcoming film Pan. Jackman unveiled a picture of himself and his newly shorn head on Tuesday morning, and while we’re still torn on his new haircut, there’s no doubt that Jackman can pull off a pirate beard like very few others could.

After all, Jackman has a lot more experience with film-required facial hair than almost anyone in Hollywood. So, the real question here isn’t whether Jackman still looks good with his new look – of course he does! – but whether this beard is better than all of the other movie beards that the triple-threat has grown over the years. Sure, it belongs to a legendary pirate, but is it better than the iconic Wolverine mutton chops? How about his scraggly convict look from Les Miserables? In order to prove, once and for all, which Jackman beard reigns supreme, we’ve ranked the actor’s many movie beards. 

Hugh Jackman, The WolverineWENN

7. Mountain Man Logan in The Wolverine 
You’d think it would be impossible to make Wolverine, one of the hottest superheroes of all time, unattractive, but it turns out that all it takes is the combination of a scraggly, unruly beard and some limp, greasy hair extensions. 

Hugh Jackman, Erskineville KingsPalace Films

6. Wace in Erkinsville Kings 
While Jackman’s doing his best to make that patchy goatee work, it’s just too uneven and awkwardly grown to properly highlight those cheekbones. Plus, it makes him look old and haggard, which are two words that should never be used to describe him. 

Hugh Jackman, Les MisérablesUniversal Pictures via Everett Collection

5. Jean Valjean in Les Miserables 
If you consider that the prison Valjean spent 15 years locked away in mot likely didn’t have things like razors, running water or the concept of basic grooming, the resulting beard isn’t actually that bad. 

Hugh Jackman, PrisonersWarner Bros. Pictures via Everett Collection

4. Keller Dover in Prisoners 
It’s not the best movie beard that Jackman has ever worn, but do you really want to be the one to tell that guy to shave it off? He’ll probably strangle you if you even think anything bad about his facial hair. 

Hugh JackmanInstagram/thehughjackman

3. Blackbeard in Pan 
Not since Johnny Depp put gold fronts on his teeth to play Jack Sparrow has an actor gone from “regular guy” to “full-blown pirate” so quickly. And Jackman didn’t even need any extensions. 

Hugh Jackman, X-Men The Last Stand20th Century Fox Film via Everett Collection

2. Logan/Wolverine in the X-Men films 
It might seem blasphemous to deny Jackman’s most iconic character the top spot, but when you really stop and think about it, that mutton chop/chin beard hybrid is pretty stupid-looking. It’s a testament to Jackman’s good looks that he manages to pull it off so well. 

Hugh Jackman, Australia20th Century Fox Film via Everett Collection

1. Drover in Australia 
Australia might not be a very good movie, but it did give the world the gift of Jackman as a rugged, scruffy cowboy, and for that, we will be eternally grateful – although not grateful enough to stop making jokes about it.