Ready Or Not, Here’s The First Full ‘Emoji Movie’ Trailer


When the first teaser came out, people wondered why is this a thing.

Now that the first trailer has been released, people are asking why again.

TJ Miller is a Meh, and his problem is he doesn’t always feel Meh. He worries about what would happen if he made another face. Well, his fears come true and he makes the wrong face when his user finally sends him. After that, he’s sent to the losers lounge, where the unused emojis go. Meh wants to fix this problem, so he takes Hi-5 and punk rock girl (I don’t know what she’s supposed to be), to try to change his emotion. This is illegal so other emojis are sent to fix him.

Ridiculous? Yeah. Why? I don’t know. Also, Sir Patrick Stewart is the Poop emoji.


The Emoji Movie releases July 28, 2017.