8 Reasons Superman Will Win In ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is fast approaching and we will finally get to see the two heroes battle it out. Although you maybe rooting for Batman because he is the underdog, you’ll probably be disappointed. That would make an interesting outcome, but Superman has just too many advantages on his side. Here are eight reasons Superman is going to win in the upcoming movie.

1. He naturally has superhero  strength

Photo: Tumblr/Warner Bros.

The superhero definitely has an advantage given his powers. The only way Batman can match them is through technology. Although he seems to create an impressive suit, technology has the ability to fail.

2. He can take a hit, unlike Batman

Photo: Tumblr/Warner Bros.

The main complaint of The Dark Knight Rises is that a large portion of it had our hero recovering from an injury after losing a fight. This of course wouldn’t happen with Superman, so there is a huge advantage here. Even if Batman can get a lot of hits in, he may not be able to do much damage.

3. Chances are his heat vision could really come in handy 

Photo: Tumblr/Warner Bros.

When in doubt, the alien can use his heat vision. It will be interesting to see how Batman tries to fight this, or will his metal suit just melt under Superman’s glare?

4. Batman has access to the world’s resources. Superman has access to the universe’s resources.

Photo: Tumblr/Warner Bros.

A big part of Batman’s power is his money. He can buy access to the world’s most dangerous weapons. But he does have a limit unlike Superman who can make a stop to other planets for more resources.

5. He is more likely to have the home advantage 

Photo: Tumblr/Warner Bros.

Batman is usually fighting crime in Gotham, and because he knows his home so well he can easily sneak up on villians. However this movie is mostly going to take place in Metropolis so Superman knows the area much better.

6. He is naturally smarter than Batman

Photo: Tumblr/Warner Bros.

The alien is “super” in every way including his brain. Bruce’s knowledge is typically given to him by the people who work for him. So is Bruce any match intellectually? Our guess is no.

7. Chances are he doesn’t need to prep as much and is therefore less vulnerable

Photo: Tumblr/Warner Bros.

We obviously know that Batman successfully improves his suit for the big fight. But theoretically something like that would take a lot of time. If Superman catches a whiff of what Batman is up to he could easily make the first move to catch Batman when he’s vulnerable. 

8. He has overcome kryptonite before

Photo: Tumblr/Warner Bros.

We all know Superman has one weakness, but he has still come out on top even when it is used against him. So if you ask us Batman’s chances are very slim even with kryptonite on his side.